Reinvent Your Maternity Benefits

Create a better maternity experience for your employees at a fraction of the cost of outdated, underutilized programs.

Imagine Benefits Delivered as a Gift

A Pacify membership includes unlimited, on-demand access to maternal and pediatric experts, 24/7. Provide solutions to important health challenges while saving 50% or more on maternity benefits! Pacify gift boxes can be customized with employer-specific benefit information and branded goodies for expecting parents and infants.

Improve Health, Lower Claims

When new parents have sufficient support, they are happier and healthier. Pacify parents breastfeed longer and make fewer non-urgent trips to the ER. These are tangible benefits for families and the companies they work hard for.

  • $875 Savings

    Per birth due to prolonged breastfeeding.

  • 96 Fewer ER Visits

    Per 1,000 enrolled moms.

Drive Culture, Retain Talent

Position your company as an employer of choice for working moms and families.

Together, we'll make headlines that will attract and retain exceptional talent.

Delight Employees, Equalize Access

Parents use and love Pacify! We have a 4.8/5 star rating across thousands of clinical interactions. Plus, Pacify's low cost is accessible to all plan tiers and geographies - because all parents have anxiety.


4.8/5 Stars

Average review for diet and lactation services.


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