Support That Never Sleeps

Imagine if your WIC program could support participants 24/7 with live, professional help.

Now it can.

Empower your participants to connect with IBCLCs on nights and weekends, right from their smartphone

  • On average, calls are answered in less than 30 seconds

  • Live support is available 24/7

  • Speak with a provider in both English and Spanish


Pacify promotes breastfeeding and keeps participants connected to WIC


Moms breastfeed longer with Pacify

Pacify is a cost-effective, evidence-based strategy for improving breastfeeding rates:
  • In 9 months, the Mississippi WIC program saw greater than 10% increases in breastfeeding rates at 3 and 6 months

  • 45% of calls will directly extend breastfeeding

  • 50-70% of Pacify calls occur outside of normal WIC hours

WIC families love Pacify!


4.8/5 Stars

Average review for lactation services


Peer counselors and WIC staff can use Pacify too

Pacify gives peer counselors the ability to instantly consult with an IBCLC when they encounter issues outside their scope of practice.

Staff naturally create relationships with Pacify providers, and Pacify providers regularly refer participants back to WIC.

“As a WIC Peer Counselor and CLC, I use Pacify as backup for questions I may have. How wonderful it is to be able to discuss a case with an IBCLC on the spot. I also use Pacify with the mother present so we all may talk and give further support and confirmation to the client.”
Breastfeeding Peer Counselor, Local Mississippi WIC Agency

Make a difference, make headlines.

Ready to demo Pacify?

Get in touch to learn more and discuss your organization's specific needs:

Laura H. Stokes
Director, State & Community Health Programs
[email protected]  |  (202) 780-7724

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